Meeting with CBI Governor

Mr. Yahay Al-Abdeli, executive director of SYM Company, is presenting his Excellency Mr. Ali Al-Allaq, Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, with the first Iraqi Insurance Conference Shield for […]


CBI Staff Training

SYM Company is training many CBI staff personnel in, public speech, presentation skills, protocol and workplace innovation. These training programs aim to raise the level of expertise in among CBI […]


Iraqi Insurance Conference

We were responsible for organizing the first Iraq Insurance Conference in 2018 in collaboration with the Iraqi Finance Ministry and Insurance Diwan, the event gathered the biggest stakeholders in the […]


TEDxBaghdad Conferences

We have been involved in the organization of TEDxBaghdad, TEDxYouth@Baghdad, TEDxErbil & TEDxWomen events in Iraq since 2011, shedding light on the top ideas worth spreading in Iraq and bringing […]


Exchanging international knowledge

This event was organized in order to share the knowledge with international specialists in form of a live stream from UK. Main topics were academics and education. Participants in Iraq […]


Robotics & 3D printing

American specialist in 3D printing presented participants with theory and practice on robotic and 3D printing. As a part of the training, groups of participants were able to prototype using […]


Personal development within the community

This workshop presented the study cases on personal development and possibilities for the participants. It covered activities that improve awareness and identity, developing talents and potentials. Partakers were able to […]


Volunteering in your community

Workshops covered the subject of the importance of the volunteer work in the community. Participants learnt the impact their voluntary work could and have on the community. Examples of successful […]


The road to the brand

  In partnership with MarkenBau, a leading German company in the fields of branding and corporate identity, we hold regular training programs with the world renown Prof. Rayan Abdullah in […]